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Miss Rita – The sexy teacher. Hot interview Part I

I was able to grab Miss Rita the hot and sexy teacher who just got fucked ruthlessly by the principal for the job in the best school.

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  • What do you think of your character?

I love my character. I get to do the best work in the country, teach the youth of the country. While I teach them, I also get to enjoy watching hot sexy guys; many of them virgins who look at me with so much lust.

I sometimes feel that they may just attack me and gang rape me in the class.

  • What do you think of your school’s principal?

I love the way he fucked me to get me the job. The way he started and then the hard pumping he gave to my tight little pussy is out of this world. I could feel his big hard dick deep inside my pussy. It created so much friction going in and out.

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  • When did you lose your virginity?

The principal was my first. I had never been fucked before that. I had no clue how good it felt to have your pussy licked and your boobs fondled. I was unaware of the enjoyment that a big hard dick deep inside your pussy can bring to you.

I am so happy that I got my first fuck with such a great fucker. He fucked both my pussy and ass hard and fast.

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