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Questions for Miss Rita Interview. 3 Best questions win free kirtu memberships


I have got a chance to catch Miss Rita for an interview tomorrow. I am running out of questions. If you suggest me some good questions, you may win a free 2 week membership…

2 free memberships for the hottest/sexiest question and 1 for the smartest question…

Recognize the series to win free 2 weeks membership


Recognize this series. The first 2 fans to recognize the series will get free 15 days membership to

In addition to this the best comment will also win a free membership…

Options are:

  • Savita @ 18
  • XXX Apartments
  • Pryia – The SEXcounter specialist
  • Saath Kahaniyaan
  • Maya
  • Miss Rita

Post your reply as comments.

Tell us what do you love about Miss Rita and you can win free membership

Guys and girls

Many fans used to think Kirtu comics are only loved by Guys, but would you believe it, the number of girls who are Kirtu’s fan on this site is amazing. Many of them have already won free memberships to

Today, I am asking you what do you love most about Miss Rita – The Sexy Teacher, and the 3 best comments will win free 15 day membership to

Please keep your answers detailed about what you like, If you have a fantasy, we would love to hear it out.

Please remember that I can not award a anonymous post so please use your Email ID when posting comments.