SEXcounter expert Priya Rai Interview


You enjoyed interview of Komal (Part I, Part II), Sheena (Part I), Delisha (Part I, Part II), Creator of Miss Rita

Today, I have an interview of the hot cop Priya, the SEXcounter specialist.

  • What do you think of your character?

I work hard and party (read fuck) harder. I have the satisfaction of catching the con men and enjoying being fucked by them just before getting them behind the bars.

  • Do you have a BF?

No. I have no time for a boy friend. That said, I get fucked more than what my boy friend would be able to fuck me if I had one.

  • What do you like about your job?

I get to serve the country and get as much sex as I wish. Then there is a dark side to it, the fascination that you are in control. The guy attached to the dick inside my pussy is totally under my control and is going to get screwed up really soon.

  • What do you like about sex with con men and gangsters?

The fact that I get to enjoy fucking many different guys (and girls). Everyone has a different style of fucking and I get to enjoy it all. Some of them enjoy slow sensual love making, while some are aggressive and push me down and fuck my brains out. Then they have all kinds of positions. If that was not enough, all have different dicks, some have long dicks which go deep in my pussy making me go crazy while others have thick dicks to stretch my pussy real hard and cause a lot of friction. When I get real lucky, I find some gangsters who have big long hard dicks and can go on and on and fuck me for hours.

  • In some episodes you have had orgy, BDSM, group sex and even Anal sex, what do you like most?

I like all of them, variety is good. All that matters most is big hard disks filling my mouth, my pussy and my asshole. I also love to have my pussy licked by both guys and girls.

Do you guys want to ask questions to her? Let me know and I will get you the answers.


Priya-The SEXcounter specialist more photos (group sex)

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Today I bring you some more hot images of Priva.

She is hot, and tight, I am happy to be a gangster to fuck her, how bout you guys?

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